Inside My Cyanide-Free Diet

In an era of untold intolerances and diets, Tasha Pokrovsky is on a unique mission: to live her life totally cyanide-free. Before starting the diet, she was a mess: “I was lethargic, I was pale, I didn’t feel like going out – I was dying, really.” She was eating upwards of 50 almonds a day, and every meal was laced with a sprinkle of cyanide. “It wasn’t much each day,” she explains, “but it all adds up.”

After months of fad diets and damaging workouts, she finally saw a doctor: “he did an allergy test, and I reacted really badly to cyanide,” she recalls, “it made so much sense.”

Eliminating the stuff was hard, though; the lifestyle changes were huge. “I had to cut off my ties with bad influences, like the Russian mob,” she remembers. This was the hardest part: “those guys were so nice, always giving me money and not expecting anything in return.”

After clearing out her cupboards and relocating to sunny California, Tasha got into the organics scene and found a new lease on life. “I feel so much healthier, and stronger,” she grins, “I even think my vision might come back.”

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